NEXTGENPCR: 30 cycli, 3 temperatures, less than 2 minutes

NextGenPCR at the ESHG

See 2 minute PCR at the ESHG

Molecular Biology Systems will be exhibiting at this year’s European Human Genetics Conference from June 15-18, 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden. MBS is looking forward to meeting those attending. To learn more about NextGenPCR, stop by Booth 562 any time during the exhibit.

MBS introduces NextGenPCR. Using SBS-plate format a 100bp fragment can be amplified in 2 minutes (30 cycles, 3 temperatures). Longer fragments take slightly longer, but will still be amplified in minutes rather than hours. This versatile system lets you run 96-well plates and 384-well plates without changing blocks. Volumes range from 5 to 50 microliters. The technology has proven to work over a wide range of application.

For more information about European Human Genetics Conference 2019, visit their website.

We hope to see you in Gothenburg, Sweden!


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